Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Backyard Firepit

We were planning a bon fire with friends and realized the smaller firepit we had needed to go!  We had leftover blocks from building the back patio so we found a place in the yard to put it and went to work!

 Because of pipes buried and Scott not wanting it too close to the house, we decided in the middle of the yard would be best.  Right where Daisy and the old firepit are is where we decided to put it.

 We knew we were going to have some dirt to get rid of so Scott decided to put some in the front yard in a tiny spot that needed it.  HOWEVER, upon starting to dig only with a shovel, we realized the rock was a little bigger than we could handle (thinking he would just scoop it out!), he got the trencher out to do the heavy lifting.

 At this point I could have cried.  I thought my entire front yard was going to be dug up!  How big was this stinking rock anyway?!

 Ugh - yeah!  THAT'S how big!  Seriously?!  We thought it was going to be about the size of a small watermelon when we started and then we dig out this!!

 He held it on his trencher with the blade and the bucket and got it into the woods behind him.

 So this is what we were left with.  We thought it would be a small hole to fill in.  Why do all the "little" projects" turn into something much, much more?!

 So back to the firepit ... We dug out the hole and filled it with rocks we had left over.

 One of our little helpers ... Brea moving the old firepit out of the way.

 ... new rock ...

 { working hard }

Moving the block to create the pit ... the finished product coming in another post!

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