Friday, June 15, 2012

Revolving Bon Fire

We decided to host the first revolving bon fire with our friends.  Here's some pictures from the night.

 The backyard is all ready!  Chairs (check) ... movie theatre (check) ... NEW firepit (check!)

 I set up a popcorn bar for people to make their own popcorn combination of things they like with their popcorn.

 First three steps ...

 Last three steps!

 1.  Snag A Bag

 2.  Scoop in some popcorn

 3.  Spritz on some butter

 4. Sprinkle on seasonings and candy toppings

 5.  Shake it up!

 6. Snack away on your yummy creation!

 { love }

 The guys playing cornhole.
P.S. Check out the awesome firepit!!

 Lots of friends = a good time!

 The kids ... that's quite a bunch!

 ~ my girls ~

 { grab a blanket and snuggle up! }

 Later when we had the fire going, I brought out ingredients for a Smores Bar

 1.  Choose a graham cracker
{ honey or cinnamon? }

 2.  Cook your favorite kind of marshmallow.
{ did you know there were atleast four different kinds? }

3.  Complete your smore with chocolate and other toppings
{ five different chocolate options, bananas, peanut butter and strawberries! }

We had an absolute blast and it was fun seeing all our friends when everyone has such busy lives!  I love that so many of them made it work to come out to our little gathering.  :)

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