Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Country News!

For as many years as we have lived here, we always thought the small schoolhouse on the corner would be there forever.  It served as a schoolhouse for many years and also as the town hall for our township.  That was until today! 
This day marked the day where that little schoolhouse got a new location.  It brought many people out to see if moved ONE mile down the road.  We've used that schoolhouse as a landmark to get people to our house for the past 15 years.  We'll now have to give a little bit better directions.  :)
This is how the site of the land looks now.  A new town hall was built a while back and now that the old one is gone, there will be a parking lot put there.  I think it's cool that someone actually wanted to purchase, move and preserve that little schoolhouse.  It's part of our country history!

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