Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Another Day ...

Just another day of summer life for us!
 Hayden was very adamant about feeding himself today.  He's doing such a great job of it.  he obviously feels the need to wear a hardhat to do so.  Whatever works buddy!
 THIS was what I was experiencing because he wanted to go and see my friend, Lisa's, new baby granddaughter.  I told him we had to wait for her to wake up to go see her but he was just devastated that he had to wait a whole 45 minutes!
 Brea, Hayden and Leighton
 Hayden went right in for a kiss.  This was Leighton's first kiss from a boy ♥
 Me and the beautiful baby girl
 Later that night we went to my friend, Ashley's house for a party.  LOTS of friends were there ... good times!
-- a couple of my best girls --

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