Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fagen Fighters WWII Museum Grand Opening

Brea, Hayden and I attended the Grand Opening of the Fagen Fighters WWII Museum in Granite Falls.  Here's some pics of the day :)
 As you can see, the painting on the wall has been added to.
 More on this side too ... it's so cool in person.
All of the memorabilia is now on shelves for all to see and enjoy.
 Lots of people enjoying the displays
 The prints down the middle of the building were donated by a couple.  They are pictures of WWII military men and women, along with original signatures of all of them.  Pretty dang impressive!
 Me and Ashley
Brea and I enjoying the day
 Hayden and Debbie watching some of the planes go by
 I jsut love this picture ... Hayden walking with his hand in his pocket without a care in the world.  The kid's got swagger :)
 Up high watching the sky
Big Band Music
On the map in the briefing room we found Nancy!
 Brea and hayden in the museum
 They're coming to get you!
 Up in the tower we took a few pictures of the items displayed there.  This vintage typewriter is one of the pieces.
 Hayden was making a phone call to Daddy :)
 You can see the whole airport from the tower
 Lots of history in one place
 Brea drove us to the end of the airport road.  This is the first time she ever drove so even though we went about 1/2 mile, she was super nervous to get behind the wheel.  :)
We enjoyed a quick meal with the family at Budger's in Maynard after the day at the museum.
Another fun day with family!

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