Sunday, September 30, 2012

{ September Extras }

Another month where we have lots of "extra" pictures taken of our daily lives!  Here you go!
 We were over at the Dietz house on what was probably the last nice day to go in the pool.  Brea was trying to convince Hayden to jump in.  He wouldn't do it!
 He did let her dangle him in the water and had a great time doing that.  :)
Love the hairdo :)
 A great treat for us almost once a week if not more ... who doesn't love ice cream?!
 Brea wanted to make supper one night ... grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup - perfect!
A love it a little burnt :)
 I went outside one morning and this is how I found Hayden's trucks - all line up perfectly.
 My friend, Anne, brought me some apples for me to make apple crisp.  It's gonna be good!
LOTS of bags ready to freeze and make apple crisp all winter long
 Brea's friend, Kaitlyn, came over to work on a school project since she knew I would have lots of crafts supplies
Great job with your Alice In Wonderland scene
 We went out for supper with Mom to celebrate her birthday since she was going to be gone for it.
{ Ashley, Brea, Mom, Hayden, Me, Lisa & Debbie }
 Beautiful Ashley
 We gave Mom a bracelet with charms signifying all of us, as well as Dad and Grandma.  The camera is for me :)
A double rainbow ... it's gonna be a good day!
 Homemade chicken wild rice soup - you seriously can't go wrong
Brea and Hayden having fun outside
 ~ speedy! ~
 That's my little monkey!  This kid has no fear!
 Brea dressed up BIG TIME on Spirit Day for school during Homecoming Week
 Gorgeous Sunset - I love living in the country :)
 A night with friends ... Me, Angela, Stacy and Chasity
 Brea made some yummy treats while I was gone
Look how fancy she even made the chocolate :)
 Our adorable children dressed up to support the Vikings
 I could barely get them to turn their heads away from the TV to take the above picture ... it was an intense game.
 You gotta have a grilled burger during the game - LOL!
 Here's some of the homework that Brea did for school.  Great job!
 It's hard to see but this is an outline of Hayden that we did while he was at his Little Learners class at ECFE school.  He has it hanging in his room and is pretty proud of it!
 I love how he wants to sit and look at his books.  :)
 { friends } ... just out for a little while one night ... always fun :)
 This is what my life is like most day ... surrounded by trucks of all sizes, shapes and colors
This is one of our favorite treats ... gotta love Culver's!

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