Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brea's Tennis Games

Brea was in tennis again this year.  She just loves the sport is is getting better every time she plays.  this year she mainly played doubles, but also played a few singles games.  She prefers doubles and has found a "groove" with one of the other players, Hunter.  They are a pretty good team together!
Here's a few pictures from her year ...
 { Brea and Hunter }
 I loved this!  Brea was the last person playing and some of the girls moved to an empty court to watch the match and cheer her on.
 Pretty soon all the girls made their way over there, as well as the girls from the other team, to cheer on their teammate.  Brea won so it was fun to see the girls jump up and congratulate her!
 Hayden would come with me once in a while and loved to walk around the court.  It looks like he is doing a good job of distracting the other team with his cuteness :)
 { Our rockstar player }
She had a great season and I'm glad she found a sport she loves to do.  :)

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