Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Capturing Life ... July 2012

Here's the miscellaneous pictures from the month.  You can see we are always doing something or doing nothing at home ... a good balance for life!
 This is two of my friends I worked with in St. Cloud.  It has been FOREVER since I saw Marlys and Connie so it was wonderful that it worked out for all of us to get together since Marlys was in Willmar for the Sonshine festival.  It was so good to see them and catch up with them.  We cannot wait another 15 years  to see each other.
 Daisy pointing at a rabbit in the yard ... she literally can stalk them for a long time and then take off after them.  It's fun to watch.
 Pink Eye ... just another thing we've had to deal with.  Poor girl!
 Yummy meal of pork chops and rice!
 So cute when he folds his hands to pray :)
 Drive-thru meal ... LOVE Culvers!
 Stopped at Ikea to buy some stuff while killing time to get some friends from the airport.  I'm in Heaven walking through this store!!
 Time to find our friends ... another trip to the airport!
 I love this girl!
 Mike, Tammy, Me and Scott ... a fun night out!
 Dirty Little Face :)
 A rainbow appeared while we were building a fire.  We were out there for about 20 minutes and had to leave because it started to rain!
 Burn Baby Burn!!
 Class summer meal ... we ran out of hamburger buns so we improvized and shaped our burgers like hot dogs instead!  Whatever works ... right?!
 Time for a tractor ride ... Hayden's favorite thing to do.
 Another delicious meal ... a new chicken recipe I tried.  SO GOOD!
 Zucchini Bread - another new recipe.  Who knew I would love zucchini - not me!
 I mean, come on ... this face is just too precious!
 * winking *
 Hayden found one of my Aunt Joyce's headbands that she made.  He was goofing off wearing it.  She would be so proud.
 Lazy day to have a friend over!
 Brea and Kaitlyn set up a loooooooooooooong track with her HexBugs!
 New thermal from Culvers ... Brea will turn in her slips from there and get free stuff!
 A little birdie we found that was injured outside our house.
 Trying to hold it to make it feel better.
 Hayden wanted to get up close and personal too.  I think he thought he could just poke it and it would be better.
 Out of the blue it jumped out of my hand and onto my back.  We had to put it near the edge of the trees so Daisy couldn't get it.  We said a little prayer for it and hoped it survived.
 ( love )
 ~ my favorites! ~
 He sure loves his sissy!
 ** laughter **
 --- all grown up ---
 Shelby, Debbie and Ashley moving things out of their house on the lake.  The sold it a while back and now recruited a bunch of us to help get their items into storage.  I'll miss that place!
 Ashley and her guy, Jordan
 Thumbs up for the cleaning effort!
 This girl just is not normal.
 Debbie with some of the little helpers!

Scott was helping load the trailers with the guys outside.  I had to snag him for this quick pic!
 { blowing bubbles }
 [ happy anniversary ]
 A beautiful sunset to enjoy on our anniversary night.
 Funky nails Brea had Kenzie paint on.  So fun!
 We went to Sauk Centre to see Bob and Ann ... always a good time.
The Boys!

Another fun month in the life of the Westbergs ... watch out August, here we come!

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