Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photo Flash!

Right Now ... Our Life In Photos
 Celebrating Angela's Birthday { me.ang.eryn.jimmi}
 [ me.brooke.lisa ]
 ( it's love )
 < me and paige >
 I just loved this sign ... it IS a good day to have a good day ... it's all about perspective!
 Ortho appointment ... new bands!
Sometimes it's just easier to pick up supper ;)
 { homework! }
 Poster project Brea had to do on a book she read - The Secret Life of Bees
 Chili on a cold night
 Project Life finally got here!!
 Celebrating Cliff - we love you!
Celebrating Brooke - we love you too!
 I want this!  I don't know where it is but I came across this picture on the internet.  I think I need to start collecting old license plates to make something like this on my own!
 - 15 ... insane!
 Chicken Wild Rice Soup on another cold night!
 Just when you thought it couldn't get worse ... ugh!
 New iPhones for Brea and Scott ... lucky people :)
The inside of a Fed Ex building that Scott will be working in.  It will soon be full of conveyors and trucks :)
 Fun photos on her new phone!
 Scott was 2 hours late so Hayden got to watch Brea get on the bus.  It comes right up the driveway to pick her up.
 Hayden on his "monster truck" and his pile of "dirt."  Whatever works!
You'd think it was a heat wave compared to the previous days - LOL!
There you go - our life right now in a nutshell.

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