Friday, January 25, 2013

Currently ... Volume 1.25.13

listening ... to silence.  Hayden is taking his nap and I'm checking out some scrapbooking blogs.

wearing ... jeans, a white shirt layered with a black zip-up jacket.  Everyone is trying to stay warm around here!

drinking ... a root beer from Subway - it's the only brown pop I drink and they don't have DMD or Mello Yello at Subway in Spicer.

wishing ... Brea the best of luck tomorrow when she jumps in the lake for the Polar Plunge!

reading ... the book called The Green on my iPhone.  I'm about 2/3 of the way done.  I was right - it's about a girl who lives in the slums but goes to a nice school so she needs to get a job to help her Mom pay bills.  It's really not that bad!

eating ... ate Subway for lunch.  Scott had to bring his truck to Atwater Ford so we bummed around together today.

watching ... America's Next Top Model marathon.  I get sucked into them all the time!

weather ... 6 degrees ... but the wind is making it feel like 30 below!

What are you currently up to? ;)

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