Friday, January 18, 2013

Currently ... Volume 1.18.13

listening ... to Hayden talking to Talking Tom on my iPhone.

wearing ... jeans, a black shirt layered with my pink Logano t-shirt.  It's my typical stay-at-home Mom look!

drinking ... a Diet Mt. Dew (again)

thinking ... not much - LOL!  Just chillin' being a Mom.

wishing ... that two people I dearly love have great birthdays this weekend ... Happy Birthday Cliffy and Brooke!

reading ... a new book on my iPhone called The Green.  I just started it but I'm pretty sure it has to do with a drug dealer.  We'll see if I get into it at all.

eating ... nothing but for breakfast I ate an English muffin with strawberry cream cheese on it.

wondering ... how I can bottle some of Hayden's energy - sheesh!

watching ... Little Bill but also watch a couple of show I had recorded this morning ... Full Throttle Salon and Watch What Happens Live.

enjoying ... life :)

feeling ... rested.  I must have not moved much last night or else Scott didn't so that helps too!

wanting ... a maid.  The pile of laundry that I'm dealing with right now is out of control!

needing ... to get my butt in gear to work on Project Life!  I'm actually caught up for 2011 until more pictures show up.  Now to order 2012 and bust that album OUT!!

weather ... 30 degrees ... it's a heat wave!

What are you currently up to? ;)

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