Friday, January 11, 2013

Currently ... Volume 1.11.13

listening ... to the blender as Brea is making a smoothie for herself.  Because of the roads being too slick after freezing rain, school was cancelled today so it's more like a weekend day here than a normal week day.

wearing ... Wildcat sweatpants, SCSU sweatshirt, socks and slippers.  My feet area always cold!

drinking ... nothing!  I'm waiting for part of the smoothie.  :)

thinking ... I should be getting in the shower.  We have to go to Roy's funeral tonight in Marshall so I need to go get ready instead of spending time online - LOL!

wishing ... the weather would clear up!

reading ... still on the book One True Love on my iPhone.

eating ... just got done eating leftover orange chicken rice.  No chicken was left (I ate that yesterday) but the sauce in the leftover rice is delicious!

wondering ... how'd I get so lucky?

watching ... Despicable Me.  I've never seen it and Brea wanted to watch it again since she is home today.  We like it because the story has to do with adoption.  ♥

enjoying ... setting up Scott's website.  It's been FOREVER since we've had the domain name and I finally got the links on my computer so I can update it.  Wanna check it out ... it's simple but effective so if you need any wiring done, here's our info:

feeling ... gross ... I need to shower - LOL!

wanting ... a shower ... but we've already established that!

needing ... take a guess (psss ... it's a shower!)

weather ... well, it's foggy and the roads are a little slick.  It is 35 degrees out so things are melting a little bit and making everything nasty!

What are you currently up to? ;)

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