Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just Pictures ...

Here's a little update with some pictures of what's going on in our lives!
Saturday ... the 5th
 Today we went on a snowmobile ride with our friends the Mayers and the Lahrs.  It was a perfect day to go out and enjoy a ride.  We stopped at the duck pass to check out the cabin so I thought I would take a quick picture of all of us.  Not a bad picture using an iPhone, a free timer app and a ladder.  Gotta love ingenuity!
 After we were done snowmobiling we came to our house and ate, then chilled out watching the Vikings vs. Packers game.  I love this picture because "like father ... like son" while watching TV!
Sunday ... the 6th
 Eating a little healthier ... well maybe the sauce isn't so great but who can resist homemade Eggs Benny with fresh fruit for breakfast!
 Brea and Hayden spent part of the day creating new houses with his blocks.  Brea has become quite the architect while building these masterpieces.
 Parking spots included!
Scott and John went out fishing and brought back a few fish to add to the freezer.
 Monday ... the 7th
 So Brea can't be the only one who can make these awesome houses.  Here's the first one I made for Hayden.  He wanted to use ALL the blocks, so that's what we did!
Tuesday ... the 9th
 Are you sensing a pattern of what this boy likes?!  LOL!  I had to out-do myself so today I built a double-decker ... 2 1/2 stories if you count the little ledge on the top!
 Hayden actually left this one together!  We played with it most of the day.  It's what he is totally into right now.
And in closing, I found this little saying and thought it was cool enough to share.  Show kindness without expecting ANYTHING in return.  I love that!
Have a spectacular weekend!

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