Friday, January 4, 2013

Currently ... Volume 1.4.13

As part of my Project Life albums I see lots of people including things they are currently into or things that are happening around them. I thought I would include this on my blog for two reasons ... to share and also to have journaling for myself of what our days might have been like.  So sit back and enjoy a little snippit into our daily lives ...

listening ... to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on the TV that Hayden is watching.  After Fred Rogers passed away, PBS made his legendary TV show into a cartoon with a little tiger named Daniel.  It's all the things you like about the original show but in cartoon form for kids!

wearing ... jeans, a tank and a new Harley Davidson sweatshirt that Kim got me

drinking ... a Diet Mt. Dew (I'm thinking this might be the answer for the majority of these!)

thinking ... life is pretty dang good.  We are having the Mayers and Lahr's here tomorrow to snowmobile and watch the Vikings game so I'm also thinking about everything I need to get done to be ready for that!

wishing ... for good weather tomorrow for the ride.  It will stink if it's bad!

reading ... a book called One True Love on my iPhone.  It's been a while since I've read a real paper book, and I kindof miss it!

eating ... Good and Plenty's.  Hayden pushed the chair over to the counter and got into my little stash so I helped myself to a couple of them too.  :)

wondering ... why I am always so cold - LOL!

watching ... well when I'm not watching Hayden's cartoons, I'm getting caught up on some of my TV shows like Anderson Live, Amish Mafia and all the Storage Wars shows.

enjoying ... a little "me" time on the computer while Hayden is watching TV.  However, as I type this he is playing under my blanket.  I usually want to complain about this but who knows how long he'll actually want to be by me ... right?!

feeling ... overwhelmed with what I need to get done by tomorrow but then again, the Mayers and Lahrs don't care so why should I get bent out of shape about it?

wanting ... a bag of money to fall out of the sky.  Seriously, who doesn't want that?

needing ... nothing.  That's a good feeling.

weather ... according to my computer it is 26 degrees outside!

What are you currently up to?  ;)

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