Sunday, July 21, 2013

Class of 1988 ... 25 Years Later

I organized our 25-Year Class Reunion that happened on July 20th.  It was great seeing some of my classmates that I hadn't seen in a while.  Here's some pictures from the night!
 { the crew }
 ... some memorabilia from our younger years ...
 - high school memories -
 ~ a scrapbook I put together of pictures, newspaper clippings, etc. ~
 { a display I created with our high school graduation pictures on it }
 ... our families now ...
 ~ photo booth props ~
My friend, Jon, and I wearing our Letterman jackets.  Look!  They still fit!
 { my girl Shannon }
 ... Annie! ...
 Photo booth fun with Missy.
 { hoehne - my awesome neighbor growing up on George Lake }
~ my hot date for the night ~
 Heck yes, we're the Class of 88!

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