Monday, September 16, 2013


 My best girl for life, Marnie, was visiting Minnesota for a wedding.  Carol watched Hayden so I would be able to go and visit with her, her Mom and cousins while shopping at one of our favorite places in St. Cloud ... Crafts Direct!  We can get lost in that store for hours.  What I wouldn't do to have an unlimited budget for a day while there?!
After shopping all morning we stopped at Applebee's where I had a version of a grown-up Mac 'N Cheese and soup.  Let me tell you - it was delicious!!!
Such a fun day with them.  I love seeing my Kosse Posse from Texas!

 Later that day I went to watch Brea play tennis at home.  She's improving so much!

 That's a lot of talent in one picture.  :)

 Brea and Anna kickin' some butt!

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