Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday The 13th Football?!

 Pre-Game Huddle
 That's a lot of guys coming at us!
 Brea's classmates hanging out on the sidelines watching the action ...
 #4 is James - get in there and get 'em!
 Halftime ... 43-0 ... really?  That's awesome!
 Brea and a bunch of her friends at the end zone cheering on the boys while sitting in the student section.
 Final Score:  57-8 ... no bad luck here on Friday the 3th!
 The Magnusons :)
 Brea was excited to see that Luke was home :)
 ... these two kids ...
 I just love them ♥
Brea with James, Cody and Taylor ... great job boys!

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