Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just Today ...

 Today Brea and I went to watch James (#4) play JV football.  He plays a little more during JV games than he does for variety so we get to cheer for him a little more.  PLUS lots more of the boys in her grade play and since I know them all, it's fun to watch!
 Get 'em boys!
 Cody going in for an awesome touchdown ...
 keep running!! ...
 TOUCHDOWN!  Great job Cody!
 Blow out - 31 to 0!
 The "good game" line ...
 Coach's words of wisdom after the win :)
 Today is also National Suicide Prevention Day.  We lit a candle in memory of the ones that who ended their lives too soon and for the ones that struggle with life in general.  They and their families are in our hearts.  ♥ 
 AND one of our favorites shows ... SONS OF ANARCHY ... started again tonight.  It's really one of the only shows that Scott and I watch together.  We are obsessed with it and don't miss one ... ever!
It will be interesting to see what this season brings.  SOA is such a killer show ... pun intended :)

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