Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tractors! Tractors! TRACTORS!!

 I had to bring something to Mom out in Clara City so while we were there, Jim brought us out to see all of his tractors they use at the farm.  Brea fit inside one of the wheels.  :)
 It's just a small one - LOL!!!!
 Brea could totally drive this if she wanted to!
 My farm-lovin' kids :)
 They look so tiny in there.
 Jim took Hayden on a ride in one of the tractors that was outside.  He was thrilled!!
 My little John Deere baby ready to go.
 It's almost like they could go right out into the field.
Hayden couldn't stop talking about how awesome the ride was and was sad that he had to leave.  He loves his tractors!

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