Thursday, October 31, 2013

Serving and Protecting On Halloween Night

It's that time of year again ... and I love it!  Halloween is such a fun holiday for us.  Here's a peek into our night ...
 Hayden decided to draw the face on his pumpkin.  He did a great job if you ask me!
 Hayden's pumpkin and Mom's pumpkin ... smiley face and a ghost.
 It's a bird ... it's a plane ... nope, it our cute Batman!
 We found Konner walking around downtown during the business trick-or-treating.  They both look great.  :)
 Hayden is always laughing at Konner ... they are both kooky kids.
 He really loved the minion pumpkins that were in front of one of the shops in New London.
 Brea was trick-or-canning with the Student Council group, but we happened to have found her before she went out.  The kids go door-to-door asking for cans for the Food Shelf.  How awesome is that?!!
 Time for a little snack ... a froggy made for Hayden by Auntie Debbie.  ♥
The Haul ... and he wanted to eat it all RIGHT AWAY.
It was a great night and fun to take him around to see other kids dressed up and get a some treats.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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