Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthday Fun With Friends

Brea had her birthday party with her friends last night and today. Since it is MEA week, they didn't have school for three days so it worked out perfect to have them stay over in the middle of the week.

Right after school, they came in and wanted to play Wii. They had to create one for Mya, but then decided to create a couple more as well. They were giggling and laughing uncontrollably at the ones they were making. It completely reminded me of a Momtime I had here where we all made our own Wii people. It was the best!

As an activity, Brea wanted to decorate these little birdhouses. We got the paint and brushes out and let everyone create their own!

Here they are with the finished product. They all had their own style and personalities showing.


After painting, they got to decorate their own cupcakes. We found sprinkles, glitter and other candy to use. It's always interesting what they come up with.

The masterpieces!

Next was presents ... here's the girls all ready for bed ... but NOT going to sleep. That didn't happen until after midnight!

Brea had a great time with her friends and did not want them to go home. She's off on another adventure with Grandma and Grandpa ... that kid never slows down!!!

LOTS of pictures to come this weekend ... it's the big 40th Birthday Party for my sisters, Linda and Lisa. I'll say this in advance ... GOOD TIMES!!!

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