Monday, November 10, 2008

Duluth or Bust!!!

This weekend while Scott was hunting, Brea and I drove to Duluth to spend the weekend with my friend, Share, and her kids, Trent and Mariah. They brought a friend as well, their neighbor, Kyle. We met at the Miller Hill Mall to do a little shopping before heading to The Edge water park hotel. This place is GREAT to bring your kids!!

Me and Share and the Mall

Me and my favorite girl!

Mariah and Brea

At the hotel, they have an arcade. The kids had a fun time earning tickets to cash in for little prizes. By "prizes," I mean little things that parents will pick up off the floor 100 times before chucking them in the trash - LOL!

Brea and Mariah in the pool area

Brea on the ropes course - the little floatie things were so cool!

If you look closely, there are a tiny pair of feet in that water! Brea had a great time going down this slide, as well as the big water slide.

Step 1: Wait for the water ...

Step 2: Be oblivious to the water that is falling down in about one second!

Step 3: Get soaked!!

Share and me in the elevator going for a drink while the kids played in the pool area. GOOD TIMES!

I'm feeling creative today so maybe I'll have something to share later. Hope you all have a great Monday. Cheers!

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Brooke said...

Looks like you had a GREAT weekend!!!! FUN!!!!