Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Creativeness ...

Just a few things I worked on in the last couples of days. I'm going to add more later because I'm making some more cards and possibly working on a page! That's right, I'm scrapping!!

A card I made for a website ... I had to follow a sketch. I'm working on another one for the website too so I'll get that up when I'm done. :)

My sister, Linda, gave me these little paddles and said, "Can you please make me some BINGO signs for me and Wendy to hold up?" Of course I can! Here is Wendy's. Linda already has her BINGO paddle so I'll have to get a picture of it later. SHe used it last Thursday when she went to her long-standing date of Bingo with Wendy on Thursday night at the Spicer American Legion. I was told the paddle was even used that night and it was a hit!!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Love the paddle!!! I can just see Linda using it at the Legion!!! (You ready to make more?)