Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday Happiness ♥

It's a little past 10:00 in the morning and I've already done or noticed different things that make me happy!

VOTE!! It's your right as a U.S. Citizen!

BARGAINS! I went shopping at our local JoAnn's Fabric yesterday and got all this for $67.00. A bunch of the yarn is for my sister, the rest is for scarves for church next year, the scrapbooking stuff is for me and one of my sister's friends and the buttons ... well, they were 10 cents a card ... great to get a bunch for cardmaking!

FRESHNESS! I was fortunate enough to be at the Table Setting Fair when it was done and was able to bring the centerpiece from our table home with me. The flowers are fresh and such a great thing to look at all day!

YUMMY! The smell of fresh-baked cookies lingers in my kitchen. I made half of these the other night for Momtime and decided to bake the other half of the dough today. They are still cooling so I can't eat them or they crumble in my hand. Once they are cool ... I'll be tempted to have them as lunch. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but these look so good!

NON-POLITICAL! I was cleaning and baking in the kitchen and couldn't stand to hear one more politcal ad or news coverage on the TV so I popped in the closest DVD ... Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love this movie! The DVD I have was purchased online and has both English and Japanese on it. It is funny to listen to it in Japanese, but some of the words they say are in English. One is WOW! It sound hilarious when Johnny Depp says a whole line in Japanese and then WOW! at the end in English. :)

I hope your day is filled with little bits of happiness! I know mine will be because I'm going shopping at JoAnn's again and then out to lunch with my sister, Linda. Always entertaining - LOL!!

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