Thursday, January 15, 2009

Those Two Little Words ...


Remember a couple of days ago I wrote that hearing "two hours late" was a music to a kid's ears, yet "school closed" would be better ...

It happened today! Last night we knew it was going to be two-hours late. However, this morning I didn't even think to look and see if it was closed before waking Brea up. She asked me to wake her up so she could spend a little time with Scott before going to school. (He was gone for a few days on a job).

So all three of us are laying in our bed, snuggled up when Scott said, "maybe you should see if it is closed." Well, when "New London-Spicer ... Closed" came on the screen, Brea couldn't contain her excitement.

Since Scott got home super late last night, he is still very tired so we went back into Brea's room. She's laying under her covers when she looks at me with large, twinkling eyes and says, "I'm too excited to go back to sleep." LOL! I'm sure she's up there right now making a list in her head of all the things she's going to do today on her day off!

May your list today be filled with fun!

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