Monday, January 26, 2009

A Week In Paradise!!

"If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy."

This quote could not be more true as it pertains to the vacation Scott and I took to Mexico with our wonderful friends, Mike and Tammy Holme! Just being in the beauty of the ocean, blue skies and sand under our toes was perfect. Could it get any better? OF COURSE!! Because when we were down there we met new friends and went on fun adventures. So here's the story in 50 pictures or less!

Ready to board the plane. We were delayed slightly because of the weather but we knew the destination of Ixtapa was well worth waiting one hour.

Tammy and Mike ... ready for their winter vacation

We're here!! This was the view from our hotel. I could wake up to this every day!

Looking down the other side of the beach

The pool area ... spent quite a bit of time here - mainly in the little nook to the far left ... the swim-up bar! :)

Our first day we went on a tour of the hotel ... also know as the dreaded timeshare tour! They don't call it a timeshare, but essentially, that is what it is. We earned some free tickets to use toward something fun to do so it was worth two hours of listening to them.

While chillin' at the pool most of the day, we met Erik, and later that night, his wife, Laura. We all went out to eat at a place called Mamma Norma and Deborah's. Great food ... lots of laughs ... shared with friends!

The next day, like most, was spent down by the pool. Later that night we went on a sunset cruise around Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa.

We all took tequila shots! Woo hoo!

One of the people we met by the pool, Sylvia, taking her shot of tequila! Salud!

The following day brought on an adventure I won't repeat!! We went deep sea fishing where I was seasick for SEVEN hours on a boat ... no land to get off on!

The guys enjoying the day ... no fish caught, but good memories for Scott since this was his first time. He enjoyed being out on the water.

Just us before going out for the night ... being on land felt pretty darn good!

Tammy and Mike ... awesome pic!

We met up with Erik and Laura to go to the Italian restaurant in the hotel but were sent away because of Scott and Erik's shoes!! Can you believe it?! No toes could be exposed on the men's feet - crazy and stupid!! We left and went to a place called the Lobster House.

Just the girls all dressed up!

Erik posed with us while we waited for Laura to come downstairs.

The following day we went shopping at the market, followed by a night of drinks and dancing. Erik looking at a piece of jewelry at this shop and the guy instisted someone would take a shot of tequila. Mike, Scott and Laura tipped back the glasses for a quick burn down the throat - LOL!

Onto Senor Frogs for drinks and dancing.

Laura and Erik enjoying a beverage ... one of many that night - hahaha!

Mike and Tammy reliving their wedding toast linked arm and arm!

The made us all hats out of balloons. We were the first table to get them. The guy made some crazy designs out of ordinary balloons!

Erik and Laura showing off their creations.

We danced on the tables, on the floor and on the stage ... Tammy wasn't feeling well or else I KNOW she would have been dancing along with me and Laura!

The following day the six of us went to Ixtapa Island to relax and go snorkeling. All of those pictures are on an underwater camera so I don't have any of them. This is a panoramic picture I took of one side of the island ... just gorgeous!

Scott and I in the ocean ... it was so peaceful and beautiful.

Tammy and I ordered pina coladas ... this is how they are served in a pineapple made into a face of fruit and vegetables. They were very good. They served us a delicious meal before we headed out for snorkeling again.

This is one of the boats we saw while in Ixtapa. We're kept saying that Beyonce and Jay-Z must have been on it because it just screamed MONEY!

After a wondereful day on the island, the Party Six-Pack went out to eat at a pizza and rib joint called Emilio's! We ordered so much food, which all tasted so good! They made the pizza in a brick oven.

The following morning Scott and I took a walk down to the Ixtapa Marina. This is where we found many more HUGE boats.

A quick panoramic view of the marina.

Later that afternoon I went parasailing with Sylvia.

Up, up and away!!! The view of the whole island was spectacular. I got a couple pictures of it on the underwater camera so we'll have to see how those turn out.

This is Laura and Tammy on the way down from their trip in the sky. Tammy overcame a fear of heights to go up parasailing ... you go girl!! Now she is hooked and will go again!

Me and Tammy relaxing in the Chill Out Lounge at the hotel.


After spending a lot of time near the pool, you start to talk to everyone else around you since you see the same people every day. Here' s some of the people we met:

Here we are with Sylvia, Lynna, Rachel and Roger. They are from Wisconsin. They were a blast to hang out with!

The four of us with Doug and Nancy ... they live in Ohio.

Here's John and Gail who were from Canada. They were a great older couple who I just adored!

And I don't have any pictures of some other Minnesotans we met ... there was about 10 of them. Every time I was going to take pictures by the pool, I was scared by camera would get wet. I should have just chanced it - LOL! Oh well, they are having an "after vacation" party that they said we should come to ... that would be a good time!


Here's a few snapshots of the hotel, mainly the pool area.


While I'm on vacation I have a habit of taking pictures of people and things that should not be allowed so I thought I would share a few with you. The "inappropriate" pics won't be shared publically but if you ever come to my house and want to see them, just ask - hahahaha!!

Ok, I admit ... vacation braids, not bad on a child, but on a grown woman ... it should not be allowed. AND to top it off, it is only half of her head. It's like a braid mullet.

And what fun is having a braid mullet if you don't have someone to share it with! This is the lady who is friends with the other one. Look at the girl behind her ... she's thinking the same thing that I am ... um, WHAT?!!

Men in Speedos ... enough said. I had several pictures to choose from but some were so skin tight that they are filed under the "inappropriate" section I was referring to above.

Ok, seriously! A Speedo, a doo-rag, chains AND a fanny pack. This is just WRONG overload. I can't stand it. PLUS, look at his friend, the copycat. It should be outlawed!

But the pièce de résistance ...

I give up! At what point did some fashion designer wake up one morning and think, "Today's the day I'm going to create neon yellow mesh pants that people can wear over their swimsuits!" And then they take it to a manufacturer who competely agrees! This is a total violation and I'm pretty sure illegal in ALL U.S. states!

So to the above, I raise my Mai Tai glass and holler Salud! Here's to keepin' it classy!


there were some days to remember so I thought I would acknowledge them now!

Happy Birthday Cliff (pictured with my Mom on Labor Day)!! You are such a wonderful man and I love you lots!! Thanks for being part of our family!

Happy Birthday Brookie! I hope you celebrated in style ... love ya' girl!

Happy Anniversary to Bob & Ann ... here's to many more wonderful years together!

And last night we went to Kenzie's birthday party where she turned a TEENAGER! This is Brea, Kaitlin, Mac and Kenzie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite Kenzie!

So that's it! One week in a long post. I hope your week was as spectacular as ours. We were VERY happy to get home and see Brea but look forward to many more memories being created with our old friends and now the new ones! Happy Monday!


Oleta said...

Okay, You had me and my co-workers laughing so hard! It is almost worth the plane ticket to come up there just to see what else you have for photos in the just wrong section. Thanks for making Monday a little better :)

Karen said...

Spectacular??? yeah!! I didn't think I cared if I went to Mexico any time soon till I saw your pictures!!! What a blast!!

Share said...

omg i am loving the yellow neon mesh pants...must get some for my next vacation!! lol...looks like you had an awesome time!! xoxo ♥

Brooke said...

thanks spanks for the bday wishes.. looks like your vacay was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! :)

Marnie said...

You are SO hilarious! Miss you!