Friday, May 15, 2009

Writing, Running and Water ...


On Tuesday I went with Brea down to Marshall to a Children's Writer's Conference. She was chosen to go as part of the 5th grade class. They went to three different classes that pertained to writing and drawing. In this class they learned about writing short stories. She got brave and went in front of the class to read her story about tennis.

The next class has to do with metaphors ... this was a fun class to watch because the kids participated quite a bit in it.


I went to Evan's Field Day to see him run his little heart out. It's hard to see in the picture but Evan is on the far side of the track ready to run the hurdles.

LOTS of parents, grandparents and other relatives (like a super aunt!) show up to watch the kids!

The field is full of people.

The next race Evan was running so fast his shoe fell off ... see it on the track behind him?!

What's a little brother to do when his big brother is competing? Play a game of ball with anyone who would catch it ... that's what! Noah has a great arm for throwing and can catch just as well.

Evan throwing the football in his last event. What an arm!

He thought it was cool he earned all four colors!


After Field Day, I picked up Brea and we spent some time at the Dietz Dive. Here's Evan doing a backflip off the diving board.

Brea doing "the ballerina."


Woo hoo!

Noah showing off his skills on the shallow end of the pool.

Great dive Evan!

Straight in ... awesome!

This weekend we'll be doing some final cleaning at Mom's house. We're NOT having a garage sale now ... too much stuff! We're going to bring our stuff to an auction house where they combine it with another house's property for a bigger auction. No pricing for me ... gotta love it!

I hope to get some scrapping done ... have a few projects I'm working on and would LOVE to get them done. LATER!

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