Sunday, September 12, 2010

* Brea's Tennis *

This year Brea decided to join the tennis team since it was the first year she could actually compete. She had a big tournament in Clara City so Scott and I went there to watch her and the other girls compete.

Team Meeting ... VERY important way to start the day!

The cutest tennis player EVER!

All set for some competition!

Good serve!

So Intense

Brea was the last girl to finish her match so the other girls sat on the sidelines and cheered her on ... it was so cute to see how they all support each other.

Louise, Taylor and Brea ... the only three 7th graders on the team

Later that night we went to Kim's house to celebrate Paul and Carol's 50TH wedding anniversary ... 50 years!! Gotta love it! They are the perfect role models for us as I hope to have 50 PLUS with Scott.

Scott, Carol, Paul, Kim

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