Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Summertime!!

It's July and we've finally got enough good weather ... almost TOO hot ... that we can be outside enjoying it. Here's some highlights of our 4th of July weekend and some of the days afterwards!

July 1

{ playing and swimming can be so tiring }

... Noah flying high! ...

~ Evan's the basketball this time! ~

: pretty girl :

... Noah, Sam, Ducky, and Evan ...

{ swimming is FUN!! }

July 2

During the weekend of the 4th of July, the town of Spicer is HOPPING! Tonight is the night the street dance is taking place but instead of going and being swallowed up by a sea of intoxicated people, we decided to host a little gathering at our house. It was just perfect!

I had to take a picture of the little treats that my friend, Lynette, brought. So cute and yummy!

Bob and Hayden scored BIG TIME while playing ladderball against Brea. Three shots on the three-pointers ... perfection!

Hayden didn't think it was necessary to leave the beanbags on the boards so he just took them off whenever he felt like it. :)

I couldn't resist sharing this picture of Bryan and Waverley ... super cute!

{ just the boys }

... the pretty girls ...

:: all the kids ::

Brady, Blake, Lucas, Maggie, Waverley, Brea, Hayden and Ely

[ the adults ]

Bob, Ann, Bethany, Bryan, Lynette, Jon, Scott and Me

A few fireworks to end the night off with a bang!

July 3

The night of the 3rd we went over to John and Lisa's house for some family time to eat and play the bean bag game. Every year we have a friendly competition we call the RWBO ... Redneck, White Trash, Blue Collar Olympics. The bean bag game is our game of choice so we decided tonight would be the perfect night to play!

( sisters )

-- a delicious plate of food is a MUST to get lots of energy --

Just love this picture of E- Bob :)

Blue bean bag coming RIGHT atcha!

Brea's so cool she has to wear shades while playing :)

{ Evan showing some sweet tossing skills }

Doug taking a turn at throwing.

1st place ... Scott and John ... aka The Beer Bellies! LOL!

2nd place ... Doug and Evan ... great job guys!

3rd place ... the Westberg duo of me and Bee!

4th place ... Linda and Nugget

5th place ... Lisa and Nancy - In all fairness, they didn't even play until the second set and before that was finished, the Minnesota State Bird (aka mosquito) came out to play and we just weren't into having them around so the competition ended very abruptly!

- me and the hubster -

~ say cheese! ~

... watching the final competition ...

Mommy's Little Firecracker is all tuckered out from a long, exciting night of fun! Sweet dreams!

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