Saturday, July 16, 2011

{ Just Ordinary Days }

Same stuff ... different day at the Westberg Empire!

We had Evan and Noah over for the day while Doug and Linda were at work. It was fun having the boys here during the week!

While watching America's Got Talent, we were just dying laughing over the guy! He had this look on his face the whole time his partner was being interviewed!

One night we ventured over to our friends, Mike and Tammy's, cabins. Brea and Megan went tubing for a little bit before it got too dark out.

Mike was just whipping them around in a circle, but they were having a good time!

Me and Tammy - love her!

Captain Mike and Junior Captain Ethan

Rylee and Hayden

Megan, her friend, Kenzie and Brea
 Another day we went to Doug and Linda's for supper to hang out at the pool.

Having a blast with Daddy in the pool!

And last, but not least, Brea on her way to Community Ed tennis. It's her sport of choice, and she's pretty darned good at it. Most of all, she just enjoys it!

Have a happy Saturday!!

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