Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Night with our Friends ... It's A Wrap!!

Another Halloween night out with our friends.  We ventured over to Lisa and Blair's house to start out, then to Blue Sky for dinner, followed up by going to O'Neil's for drinks and dancing.

Doug Herrupp, the archaeologist, and his mummy :)

Heck yes, he digs me!!

Starting the evening out ... Credem and Liz, Blair and Lisa, Trever and Brooke, Me and Scott

The girlies ... Angela, Chasity, Stacy, Brooke, Elizabeth, Lisa, Me and Tiffany

Out at O'Neil's ... Krissy, Lisa, Liz, Me, Brooke and Chas

Such a fun night!  We love dressing up and having a great time with our friends!

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