Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The WAVTI Coat

When my Mom moved out of her house, one of the things I took was my Dad's WAVTI (Willmar Area Vocational Technical Institute) coat.  I wear this coat when I am outside working just to stay warm and have a bit of my Dad with me for inspiration and know I can get anything done while wearing it.  It's like my Superwoman cape!  I had been working on some things outside and had the coat upstairs on the back of a chair.  I walked out into the dining room and saw this:

The little guy wrapped up in the coat.  He was just laying there contemplating life.  It melted my heart because even after I went and grabbed my camera, he just stayed there.

He got up, walked around the table and came to me pretty much shoving the coat in my face!  He wanted to wear it!

And so here he is.  ♥

I laugh at this one because he looks like E.T.!!

Just so sweet

And always grabbing for the camera!  God I love this kid!!

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