Friday, January 27, 2012

Organization At It's Best!!

About two weeks ago I asked Scott if we could get the supplies to finally construct our closet system for the master bedroom.  So, a trip to Menards on a Sunday and a few weeks later, here it is ... step by step ... COMPLETELY built all by my handy husband.  I can't tell you how excited I am about this.  I totally dig organizing so to have all of our clothes in one location again puts a HUGE smile on my face!!

The first step ... make the boxes in the shop.

Here's what the closet looks like before we started ... just one big empty room.

Another view going into the master bedroom / living space.

Putting up the shelving to see where the placement should be.

What a cute little helper.  Wherever Daddy is, he has to be there too.  :)

Oh yeah, it's solid!!

All stained, varnished and put up.  Scott's putting on the finishing touch of the clothes bars.

And now it's my turn to get to work ...

Putting all the clothes in - all nice and organized!

My clothes ... I learned LONG time ago that when my clothes are put in rainbow order I can easily find the piece of clothing I am looking for.  I do this for my clothes and now will do it for Scott's since I'll be the one putting his away.  Brea also does this for her clothes and she swears by it.  It's a GREAT little tip for organizing and SO easy to do!

Filling up my sweaters and some of Scott's clothes.

Scott's clothes and our longer garments.  I also have to add that the baskets, etc., we have here are NOT staying ... I just need to find the ones I like and get it all pretty in here.  I just couldn't wait to have it all put together today.  I seriously couldn't walk by it knowing that it could all be put in there TODAY!

I encourage you to organize your closet today.

1.  Go through each piece of clothing and decide if you wear it.  If you don't, donate it.  If you haven't wore it in over a year, donate it.

2.  Organize by color.  Trust me, it makes it so much easier to find things.

3.  Once you get everything cleaned out and you know what you have, you'll be SO happy you did it.  When you start with one closet, you'll be going through the rest of the closets you have in your house in no time.

Thanks for looking ... I hope you like my closet as much as I do!

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