Friday, August 31, 2012

{ August Extras }

Not the greatest supper before watching one of Brea's tennis matches, but it got us by!  Besides, who doesn't like a little greasy burger now and then?!  :)
Hayden can't wait to dig into his fries!
Goofying off with Mommy :)
I found this quote on Brea's board in her room after she attended a retreat.  I like that she remembered it and wanted to see it every day!
Siri Fail!!  { Where was Jon Bon Jovi born? }
Climbing into bed!
What happens when I ask Brea to make me a snack.  Presentation is huge!
A night out with friends.
Gotta love some spinach and artichoke dip - so yummy!
Bath time!  One of his favorite parts of the day.
New fish ... Sushi, Star, Elenor and Pickle
Now THAT'S a stack of pancakes!
Registering for 9th grade ... where does the time go?!
{ Maddie, Shelby and Brea }
Extreme Couponing Baby
School shopping for Brea ... maybe a few new things for me too :)
My yummy lunch at Mongo's
Brea's first time at Mongo's ... she loved it!
A plastic burger always tastes good on a summer day :)
I guess that's one way to eat ketchup
Hayden's favorite activity - getting 4-wheel rides from Daddy.
He loves driving his fire truck around the house.
Brea helped him build a "garage" to park it in.
Good job!
Yumy spaghetti supper ... better than a box meal or something from the drive thru.
Brea had some friends over and the boys thought all of Hayden's toys were pretty cool.  Likewise, Hayden thought all the boys were cool.
Hanging out upstairs playing Wii, eating and watching movies.
I love my own car!
Another new chicken recipe ... so good!
This month we were OBSESSED with watching the Summer Olympics.  By obsessed I mean we watched it all day every day.  We loved watching the competitions in swimming, gymnastics, tennis and track.  We'd pretty much watch any of it, even recording some shows so we didn't miss any of the action!
Hope you had a great summer!

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