Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Trip To The Fagen Fighters WWII Museum

Some of my family decided to go to the museum before the grand opening so we could see everything there while the place wasn't packed with other people.
 Lisa and Hayden by one of the planes.  This is the plane that flew over Lisa and John's wedding!
 The statute
 Part of the display in the back of the museum
 Close-up of the soldier
 Another soldier up by the memorabilia room
 That's LOTS of memorabilia!
 Some of the pins from the war
 Photos and a real grenade!
 The museum floor ... the painting on the wall is a work in progress
 The planes in the museum
 Hayden and I by Sweet Revenge
 Hayden and I by the statue display
 In another building ... the briefing room
 Going to France ... yes please!
 One of the vehicles in another building that is part of the museum
 Nugget and Hayden "driving" the jeep
 Noah sitting in one of the trucks
 Now that's a big truck!
 Playing cards with the military men
 Standing in the plane
Nugget's da bomb :)
 We went out to eat with some family afterwards.  This is Harper - our little baby cousin.
 Hayden loves Harper ... he always has to hug her ...
and kiss her!  It's so cute and sweet!

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