Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School 2012

 Ou baby girl is growing up and now it's the first day of school where she is now in HIGH SCHOOL!   That's right ... she's in 9th grade!  Where does the time go?!
 She always has lots of gear to go with her ... the backpack, gym clothes and tennis gear.
 { ♥ }
 Being Goofy
Tthe bus pulls right into the driveway this year ... nice!
 Not a great way to start the day but this little guy was wondering around the house and I didn't like it.  Sorry mouse, but you have to go!
 Chillin' out on the couch having a snack.  It's weird for him not to have Brea home all day.
Our little sweetie
 Brea had a tennis match the first day of school so I headed in to watch her play.  She looks so sharp in her uniform :)
 Nice serve!
I love watching her play ... it's a sport she really enjoys!
So now the school year has started ... bring on the crazy schedule!

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